Globaltex Fine Linens USA To Produce Durable and Washable Face Masks To Combat Covid-19 Pandemic

The recent Covid-19 Pandemic has badly struck the economy and countries across the globe, including the United States. The country is still struggling to combat the pandemic as the country has witnessed nearly 50,000 deaths due to the Covid-29 Pandemic. As the threat of Covid-19 increases, so does the need of the Personal Protection Equipment, such as hazmat suits, gloves and facial masks. In order to cope with the shortages personal protection equipment in the USA, especially the facial masks, the Globaltex Fine Linens USA has taken an initiative to manufacture durable and washable masks for the community.

The company has announced on Wednesday April 22, 2020 that it will begin the mass production of the durable facial masks from April 25, 2020 in order to fill the gaps of shortages in the country.

The company has announced that the masks would be made from 100% cotton with 300 thread counts and masks can be reused by washing.

The Florida-based company has further announced that it will produce around 3.5 million masks a month, that makes nearly 1 million masks per day. With this mass manufacturing of facial masks, the company will earn the reputation of being the highest-mask producing company in Florida.

Globaltex Fine Linens USA further announced that all the masks would be washable and is available for both the retail and wholesale options. All the individuals can also place an order of the masks by using the online portal of the company.

The company’s initiative to produce million masks will also help to generate more jobs for the needy people. The company has already added more than 15 employees to its workforce.

The Globaltex Fine Linens USA has already donated the washable facial masks to the needy places as healthcare centers, clinics and hospitals.

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