Quark Expeditions Launches Technologically-Advanced Polar Vessel ‘Ultramarine’

Quark Expeditions has announced that the company is launching the new game-changer technologically-advanced polar vessel ‘Ultramarine’. The company has launched the polar vessel ‘Ultramarine’ in a traditional ceremony. During the ceremony, the company also honored the Brodosplit ship-building team for their endless efforts and dedication for the project.

President Quark Expeditions, Andrew White said, “Today’s launch ceremony is a time-honored shipyard tradition. That very moment when ‘ship first meets water’ is a major milestone for any vessel. The sound of Ultramarine’s hull entering the water from slipway No. 2 into Supaval Bay signified we’re one step closer to exploring the polar regions on this game-changing ship.”

“But, of course, it’s not just any ship that we’re celebrating today—but a ship built specifically for polar exploration. Ultramarine will be an unrivalled operational base for exploring the polar regions in ways never thought possible,” Andrew White further added.

“While the star of today is Ultramarine, the ceremony also honors a cast of people without whom this vessel would never exist: the Brodosplit shipyard team. “Following a tradition that goes back to earlier times, a shipyard godmother—different from the godmother who eventually christens the ship—is chosen for this ‘working launch,” Andrew White continued.

Senior Vice President Operations for Quark Expeditions, Malcolm Ellis said, “The launch of any ship is complex and once underway, uncontrolled until the vessel is attached to tugs standing by. The total time involved from trigger release until the vessel is stopped in the water is little more than a minute or two.”

“Yet, the potential for damage in that time period is greater than at any time during the ship’s many years of service. The stress placed on a vessel during launch is probably the highest it will experience in its lifetime. No rehearsal is possible,” Malcolm Ellis continued.

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