Turning Technologies Acquires Knowbly

Turning Technologies has announced that it had successfully acquired the knowbly. After the acquisition of Knowbly, Turning Technologies is now in an ideal position to accelerate and expand its flagship TurningPoint Product for existing and new customers.

Turning Technologies is pursuing an aggressive strategy to drive its growth by delivering cutting-edge learning solutions to its customers. The acquisition will help both the companies to deliver synchronous and asynchronous interactive learning solutions to their existing and new customers.

Furthermore, the present Chief Executive Officer of Knowbly, Katheryn Stewart, is also joining the Turning Technologies as the company’s Chief Product Officer (CPO). Stewart has got experience of more than 2 decades in managing leading learning and publishing industries.

Chief Executive Officer of Turning Technologies, Kenneth Frank said, “Knowbly makes the creation of digital learning materials simple, creative and collaborative.”

“Combining that with TurningPoint’s interactive learning features, flexible content delivery and robust reporting capabilities will provide an eLearning solution for trainers and educators that rivals anything on the market today,” Kenneth Frank further added.

“With more and more institutions moving to deliver hybrid learning experiences, the acquisition of Knowbly puts us in a unique position to be able to provide an effective solution to the challenges of digital transformation with maximum value for our customers,” Frank concluded.

Chief Executive Office of Knowbly, Katheryn Stewart said, “I am thrilled to join this team as Turning Technologies is in an enviable market position with continued growth around the globe.

“As remote learning continues to proliferate, Kenneth’s strong vision, combined with Knowbly’s expertise in making eLearning courses more effective and easier to create, opens the door to interactive learning on another level. I’ve had numerous conversations with clients across all industries who see the value of our combined capabilities, and they are excited to see what comes of our innovations,” Katheryn Steward concluded.

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