Centene Corporation Announces Increased 2020 Financial Guidance

Centene Corporation has announced the increased 2020 financial guidance. According to the details, the total revenue of the company expected to range between $109.5 billion to $111.9 billion. The diluted earnings per share of the company was expected to $3.06 – $3.20. The adjusted diluted earnings per share for the company is expected to be $4.76 – $4.96.

The company further added that total expected revenues of the company expected in the startup of North Carolina until 2021. The adjusted diluted earnings per share and the diluted earnings per share reflects the trend of membership, medical utilization and revenue.

The company basically focused to take a different approach to provide high-quality, cost-effective and fully integrated services to commercial, semi-commercial and government sponsored healthcare programs. The healthcare centers of the company offer high-quality and affordable healthcare services to its clients, including the TRICARE program, the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, among others.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Centene Corporation, Michael Neidorff said, “Our increased earnings guidance for the full year demonstrates the strength of our business and our ability to navigate the pandemic while meeting the critical needs of our members, providers and state partners. We continue to see tremendous opportunity in a dynamic healthcare environment as the roles of managed care companies have never been more important than they are today.”

“Today’s virtual investor day will highlight the details of our near and long-term growth strategies across our Medicaid, Medicare and Marketplace businesses as well as our operational agility. We also acknowledge the deep-rooted racial and social justice issues at hand and stand united in our resolve to help drive systemic change in our country, through various initiatives such as the creation of our Health Disparities Task Force,”

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