Way to Rise Announces $59.1M Goal With Foundation Partners To Fund Racial Equality And Voter Protection

Way to Rise has said that the company has decided to raise $59.1 Million funding in collaboration with the Foundation Partners to fund the Racial equality and voter protection in the United States.

The company has further added that it is supported by the c3 Partners, including the Open Society Foundations, Weissberg Foundation, Ford Foundation, Amalgamated Foundation and Nathan Cummings Foundation. The partnership will significantly help the company to increase the overall scale and impact of funding.

Senior Advisor of Way to Rise, Nicole Boucher said, “We need to meet the urgency of this moment. There is deep potential for real, long-term change—look to the civic uprisings nationwide facilitating institutional change in just a few weeks—but we need everyone to keep their foot on the gas pedal.”

“We’re challenging others and our partners in the sector to help fill critical funding gaps for communities of color, who have long been under-resourced in philanthropy,” Nicole Boucher further added.

Executive Director of the Florida Immigrant Rights Coalition (FLIC), Maria Rodriguez said, “Way to Rise empowers organizations on the ground, like ours, with the resources we need to make real changes that will improve people’s lives. In turn, we are able to empower a social movement—communities under attack in America—creating connection, consciousness, and capacity for a truer democracy.”

Philanthropic and Political Donor, Susan Pritzker said, “It’s critical that donors and the philanthropic sector step up to support transformative organizing at the state and local level to advance lasting policy change.

“Way to Rise has the infrastructure and strategy in place to facilitate that end and correct a huge gap in philanthropic funding among communities of color,” Philanthropic and Political Donor, Susan Pritzker further added in the statement.

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