Seismic and Vertical IQ Collaborated To Drive Sales and Growth Of Businesses

Seismic has announced that the company has collaborated with the Vertical IQ to drive sales and growth of Businesses. A research conducted by the J.D Power clearly indicates that only a third of businesses feel confident in their relationship with their bank. The chief reason behind that lack of communication is lack of resources and tools needed to deliver the best customer experience.

The solutions provided by the Seismic and Vertical IQ, all the banks can rely on the live data from more than 325 industries with ease.

Managing Director Financial Services Marketing of Seismic, Bill Finnegan said, “Business customers have come to expect hyper-personalized interactions that meet the standards that are now common-place in their personal lives. We’re thrilled about our partnership with Vertical IQ because of the competitive advantage it will offer our banking customers.”

“The ability to generate rich industry insights on-the-fly in a marketing-approved format will help bankers elevate client conversations from just product, to industry-specific trends, advice and guidance. It allows bankers to be a consultative partner that demonstrates their bank truly understands their business,” Bill Fennegan further added.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Fulton Bank, Curt Myers said, “Streamlining our internal processes allows us to concentrate on helping our customers’ businesses to thrive, providing valuable insights and improving their overall experience.”

“Integrated tools like Seismic and Vertical IQ empower our relationship managers to stay informed, share knowledge with customers, and personalize our client interactions. This is another tool for Fulton Bank to add value and build strong customer relationships,” Curt Myers concluded.

Chief Executive Officer of Vertical IQ, Bobby Martin said, “Conversations between a banker and client should go both ways. Vertical IQ and Seismic’s solution ensures conversations are backed by real-time, tailored insights so bankers can engage in better discussions and act as a trusted advisor. This helps them bring unique value and expertise to the table to win, grow and retain more business.”

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