Neil Critchley Finally Reveals Why He Left Liverpool

Blackpool’s Neil Critchley finally revealed the reason why he left Liverpool. According to the details, Neil Critchley said, ‘I wouldn’t have left Liverpool unless it was for something special’. It means that Critchley left Liverpool in pursuit for better opportunity or employment chances.

Neil Critchley has worked in the academy of Liverpool for nearly seven years and he developed a reputation of being the most respected coaches of all time.

Neil Critchley said, “I’m excited by what we have got in front of us here at Blackpool. I want to build a team the people of Blackpool and this area can be proud of. The people in this town, the football club means so much to them; you just sense it. My ambition is to give them a team, a group of players that mirror them. If we can do that, I’m confident with the work we can do that we can be successful.”

“We want to make that our home on a daily basis; somewhere we can be proud of going to every day and working from. The environment is so important – I’ve seen that at Liverpool – and I want us to be proud of turning up and enjoying the environment we’re in,” Critchley added.

“Everyone was well aware of the team that was going to take to the field in the replay against Shrewsbury but, again, people sort of said it devalued the competition. Well, 50,000 fans at Anfield that night and the players on the pitch would beg to differ,” said Critchley.

“I’ve found I can teach footballers slightly easier than I can teach maths and spellings. He came to the Liverpool game against Shrewsbury but he’s not yet been to a Blackpool game. He does point at the television if Jürgen comes on and says: ‘That’s Daddy’s boss,’ so I’m trying to educate him that I’ve left Liverpool and I’m Blackpool now,” Neil Critchley concluded.

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