VDart Hires Mohamed Irfan Peeran to take role as Managing Director, Mergers and Acquisitions

VDart Inc. has hired Mohamed Irfan Peeran to add into its leadership team as Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions. In his newly role, Peeran will be leading the team in all facets of M&A which includes ecosystem strategy, ventures and acquisitions.

VDart President and Group CEO, Sidd said that the company has delivered market-leading growth for the last several years. The management firmly believe its M&A strategy will play a key role in continuing company’s robust growth trajectory. He added further, “Our strategic objectives for M&A are, to deepen unique leadership skills for us. As our transformation journey continues, M&A will be a compelling reason for us to keep up with the pace of our growth story. We strongly believe, right leadership talent is a crucial driver for M&A success, and we are very excited with Irfan spearheading our M&A.”

New Managing director Irfan commented, “I am very excited to be at VDart and impressed with VDart’s organic and high-growth”.

“VDart has established themselves in a short span of time as a strong contender in the Digital Transformation space by offering cutting edge solutions to its customers mainly in the fast-growing Mobility industry and have helped solve several critical business problems using Blockchain, IoT, AI, RPA and Cloud Technologies.”doigital capabilities, penetrate emerging markets and create exceptional value to all our stakeholders. I am incredibly excited to have Irfan join our leadership team, and very confident his expertise will help us significantly to set the stage for the next phase of our growth. I look forward to working with Irfan and with our entire leadership team – as we continue to drive our purpose and execute our growth agenda.”

Peeran has over 25 years of experience in Strategic Engagements & Alliances, Transformation and Technology Consulting and he worked over the globe. Before severing VDart, he worked at Peer Solutions Group as the Principal Consultant. He was pursued by company’s Automotive and Government customers in order to offer consulting services. He achieved vast experience in delivering large scale programs in Digital Transformation.

While Vice President of company’s People Strategy & Transformation, Oliver Sam said Irfan is “a strategic fit for us.”

VDart Inc. provides a Global Talent Management, Digital Transformation Services & Product.

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