TAAT Appoints Tim Corkum, a Seasoned Ex-Philip Morris Commercialization Executive as Chief Revenue Officer

TAAT LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS LTD. has announced the addition of another alumnus of Philip Morris International by appointing Tim Corkum as its Chief Revenue Officer to lead commercialization efforts and set a route for Beyond Tobacco cigarettes. Tim Corkum will apply his knowledge of commercialization to form a market for Beyond Tobacco cigarettes.

Mr. Corkum stayed in various positions in his over 20 years of working from 1998 to 2019 at Philip Morris affiliates in Canada in sales, trade marketing, corporate affairs, and business development and the Caribbean. Philip Morris is a well known in the industry of commercialization of cigarette products as well as Reduced Risk Products. Corkum has also held various account manager roles in addition to his executive positions at Philip Morris like he remained National Manager of Key Accounts, in which he played his role in creating a contracting and trade marketing strategy. Then Philip Morris adapted that at a global level and which was recognized as an emerging best practice.

Corkum became a Director for Philip Morris’ Reduced Risk Products category in start of 2016 with its Caribbean affiliates and in the Dominican Republic and then he transitioned back to the Canadian market in 2018.

He joined the Company’s CEO Setti Coscarella who was previously a lead strategist for Philip Morris, in the Taat’s executive ranks. Corkum palyed its role in the Philip Morris’ RRP products introduction and commercialization like the IQOS in markets in the Caribbean and Canada.

Mr. Corkum will contribute in creation and execution of strategies to bring Beyond Tobacco to the market as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes by using his knowledge of creating and maintaining the market share for cigarette products and RRP.

Tim Corkum said on the moment of his appoinment, “Having personally witnessed and analyzed exactly what prevents smokers from sticking with alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, I firmly believe that Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes can be an exception to that trend. Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes are unique because of their combustible ‘stick’ format, which I anticipate will be very attractive to smokers who desire the familiar user experience of a combustible cigarette, but without any nicotine or tobacco.”

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