Trader And Youtuber – Carl Runefelt Educates The Reason Why Everyone Should Buy Bitcoin

Carl Runefelt is a trader and an educator who enlists reasons why investing in Bitcoin is a necessity.


Many entrepreneurs have scored huge with effective investing in cryptocurrencies. This has led to the emergence of artists who have educated the importance and need of investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, to get super dividends. Among them is an educationist from Sweden, who teaches investors about the cryptocurrency market, he is Carl Eric Martin Runefelt.


Carl Eric Martin uploads one Bitcoin video on his YouTube channel daily, explaining the intricacies of the factors affecting its rise and fall. He has listed five reasons why everyone should buy Bitcoin, which are: –


Best performing asset of the past decade:

Carl Eric Martin notes that Bitcoin rallied from $0.001 to breach the $20,000-mark in the 2010s, making it the best performing asset of the decade, yes, even better than gold, which makes it a necessary asset for the investors.

Trader And Youtuber – Carl Runefelt Educates The Reason Why Everyone Should Buy Bitcoin


Best for the pandemic-era:

Carl Eric Martin says that the cryptocurrency thrives on uncertainty and the global pandemic’s effect on the nation’s economy has forced investors to adopt digital, something Bitcoin marvels at.


Big investors are buying BTC:

For new and small investors, it is very crucial to be educated about what the big investors are investing in. This gives them the sense of investing in the future, and all the big guns of Silicon Valley and Wall Street are investing in the BTC.


The fairest money – BTC:

Carl Eric Martin states that Bitcoin can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection and a cellular device, enabling equality of opportunity for all investors. Every investor participates in the same monetary system, unlike the flat money systems which many cannot access.


The US dollar won’t last forever:

Bitcoin has been making more and more sense as a scarce asset, due to a vast amount of money printing, Carl Eric Martin observes. The declining power of the US dollar has given rise to Bitcoin, with saving rates being increased and the massive fall of the global economy due to the lockdowns.


Buying Bitcoin is not only a smart investment, but is an essential one, and Carl Eric Martin has successfully voiced his opinions on the BTC market. His YouTube channel “The Moon” garners over 1 million views per month, and has amassed more than 141,000 subscribers. Carl Eric Martin has successfully taken advantage of the growing cryptocurrency market, with his robust education skills and study of the market.


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