WordPress celebrates its 18th birthday and has built more than 40% of global websites

A few days ago, the official WordPress blog posted a blog post to celebrate the software’s 18th birthday. On May 27, 18 years ago, a blog post titled “WordPress Now Available” opened an exciting era in the history of the blogosphere. WordPress appeared as the unofficial successor to the abandoned b2/cafelog software.

In the comments of this article, you can feel the charm of this new product. At that time, many loyal b2 users were excited about the smooth migration to a new blog engine that will be maintained.


The WordPress community has acquired a license inherited from b2, making it the powerful CMS it is today. WordPress now supports a multi-billion dollar economy of creators, publishers, and merchants who can build almost anything with an extended world licensed by GPL. The vibrant ecosystem of WordPress has grown to include more than 58,000 free plugins to extend the core, as well as thousands of commercial plugins and services, including hosting companies dedicated to serving its users.


Even people without any programming experience, WordPress allows them to quickly build their own websites. Now it also plays a role in e-commerce, boosting billions of dollars in sales for businesses and independent stores. As traditional brick-and-mortar businesses were forced to close their doors, this pandemic created unprecedented opportunities for success for WordPress-driven stores.


Despite experiencing some profound and once-in-a-lifetime challenges in the past year, WordPress is still growing at an alarming rate. In February, according to W3Techs’ measurement, the content management system’s market share in all websites exceeded 40%, up from 35.4% in January 2020. WordPress project leader and co-founder Matt Mullenweg (Matt Mullenweg) pointed out this milestone in an article on his blog, marking the 18th anniversary.


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