After Microsoft blocks the vulnerability: the latest offline activation method for Win11 Home Edition is released

It’s been less than a month since the first official version of Windows 11 was released. Is your PC ready?


For users of Windows 11 first contact, the first time into the system, in addition to the interface more beautiful view of modernization, Microsoft on Home Home Edition users made a special request must be networked and bind the Microsoft account ID in order to enter the desktop to activate the system. However, professional and enterprise editions can still choose to activate offline without internet.


Prior to this, some folk masters discovered the cracking method, and the result was widely disseminated and blocked by Microsoft.


Netizen warwagon found a new vulnerability that allows Win11 users of the home version of the SKU to bypass the networking requirements and achieve offline activation when configuring the boot wizard for the first time. Those who are interested may wish to check it out.

  1. In the networking interface, press the key combination Shift + F10;


  1. Enter taskmgr in the command line window and press Enter;


  1. Find the Network Connection Flow process and end;


  1. Continue the boot process and create a local account.


There is a more advanced method, which is to directly enter taskkill /F /IM oobenetworkconnectionflow.exe in the command line window after the first step Shift + F10


Of course, after this method enters the desktop, some start menu applications will be blank or gray. Once you connect to the Internet, you can download them normally, and you will no longer be prompted to bind an online Microsoft account.

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