Hong Kong’s livable city score rebounds, and about 42% of surveyed citizens have plans to immigrate–Chinese University survey

    According to a survey published on Wednesday by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, citizens’ ratings of Hong Kong as a livable city have risen significantly compared to September last year, ending the continuous decline in ratings in the previous four years; but About 42% of the interviewed citizens still expressed their intention to immigrate or emigrate, which is slightly lower than the 43.9% in September last year.

The survey results pointed out that more than one-third (38.7%) of the citizens surveyed who have the intention to emigrate or emigrate said they have made preparations for this in the near future, while 60.6% said they have not. The immigration or emigration destination mentioned by the most interviewees was the United Kingdom (26.1%), followed by Canada (14.0%), Australia (11.0%) and Taiwan (7.5%).

Among the local factors that prompted their intention to emigrate, based on the number of samples, the top four respondents mentioned “Hong Kong is not politically democratic/democratic retrogressive/no democratic elections” (24.0%) and “dissatisfied with the SAR Government/Chief Executive/Senior officials/Dissatisfied with government policies” (21.3%), “Too much political disputes/too annoying” (20.2%), and “Freedom (including freedom of speech)/Human rights deterioration/loss of press freedom” (19.4%) ).

Nearly half of the interviewed citizens (49.5%) said that they did not intend to immigrate.

In addition, the survey also asked citizens about their willingness to move to the Mainland. More than 10% (11.6%) of the interviewed citizens indicated that they have such an intention, a slight increase from September last year (9.5%). Eighty-half of the respondents (85.4%) did not plan to do so.

Among the respondents who are willing to move to the Mainland, based on the sample size, the top four local factors for moving to the Mainland include: “Hong Kong property prices are too high” (21.0%), “Crowded living environment” (18.1%) , “Consumer prices are too high” (16.4%) and “Hong Kong’s economic situation is poor/the economy has no future” (13.8%).

Compared with last September, for citizens who are willing to move to the Mainland, the primary local and Mainland factors are related to their place of residence. Among the top four, public security issues and political disputes are completely replaced by economic and livelihood factors.

The survey was conducted by telephone from the evening of September 16 to 25 and successfully interviewed 716 citizens aged 18 or above.

According to data released by the Hong Kong government in mid-August, the population of Hong Kong in this year was 7,394,700, a decrease of 87,100 or 1.2% from mid-2020, of which nearly 90,000 Hong Kong residents moved out. Under the tide of immigration, local schools have experienced different reductions in classes in different grades. 

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