WeChat mini-program, 450 million daily users last year

The dialogue app “WeChat” under the umbrella of Chinese online giant Tencent said that active users of the in-app service “Mini Program have reached 450 million on average in 2021. It increased by 13% from the previous year but slowed down from 20 when it recorded 33%.

The mini-program is similar in appearance and operation method to Apple’s basic software (OS) “iOS” and Google’s OS “Android”, but the amount of data is small and Tencent builds an e-commerce (electronic commerce) business. Holds the key to.

According to WeChat, the number of mini-programs run by overseas retailers has more than tripled in the last two years. The volume of transactions via these mini-programs also increased by 897% over the same period.

It is said that more than 700 million people have used mini-programs specializing in corona countermeasures, such as a program that allows reservations for testing for the new coronavirus.


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